I know MRx is about to do shadow. To a Jupiter Sag Rising…oh hello, and i said yes but body just disregards as well as it can. 2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. At a time when your usual reference points are wavering or deceptive, look within for answers. Nodes have only moved a couple of degrees side Pluto’s discovery. neptune transit upcoming to sun in about 10 years, right when pluto will be conjunct my moon and squaring chiron return on my south node venus, and uranus on asc.. wow menopause is gonna be a fuqin riot, not. Go slow can also mean that he’s dealing with some things personally (work, emotional matters, whatever) and doesn’t have max bandwidth available for romantic activity. Do not sign any document or contract without having thoroughly studied the consequences as they can be very far-reaching. People miscalendar things or over sleep. Over 90 but before 3 figures appear (100) they add to 18. And death – since the same age I have had a lot of death around me. But the signature of a Pluto transit is soul-awareness, the distinct sensation of a timeless and immutable force within. This will help you to have more control over your unconscious motives that in the past came to the surface through compulsions and unconscious and irrational obsessions. He knows, in devastatingly simple crystal clarity, what he wants. Pluto works below the surface to reach the fundamental roots and bring tremendous changes in the nature of family relationships, changes of residence, changes within the house, divorce, death or other types of separations. I’m a 18 degree Kataka. Its my chart ru….. ah well never mind. 9—Remember the transformation role models in nature. In some cases, certain people may receive scholarships or government grants to fund scientific, artistic and spiritual work. And can I , may I please change my prof.pic.. how tos for the novice *raises hand up xxx, There’s lot of stuff around on Pluto both on this site and out in the www but they are long transits and not all identical in duration but do span many years. I had a situation with 2/8 stuff being talked about. I have Pluto transiting my 3rd House of Communications. I am also launching an automated Plutonic chart reading soon x, Oh man. In other words, everything we take for granted. In the first 100 all 9s, one 18. People pleasing be damned! Make an effort to see yourself positively, as you have a unique opportunity to discover new and very powerful resources and values. We all have our shit to work through and unraveling our own internal knots with an in-depth understanding of our own psychological processes/drives is key. Lilith at 10 Aqua. I suppose if I think about it – and spin it a little to the left – I’ve eaten others home grown herbs and done some backward forward dance steps on my way to evolution. Think about it: a normal transit (let’s say, Sun square Venus) lasts for a few days only. Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit. You have the potential for powerful transformation now. It’s been great. “Oh yes” she said. Whatever the case you will have more personal power and influence over your own direction and over other people. I also deactivated all social media (save Goodreads, for legit reasons I won’t go into here) during my first Saturn return (which is still very much going on)! There must be a willingness to serve always with the conscious objective of curing yourself from egocentricity. All in my 5th and 6th houses. Love n light ♡ ☆11:11 11/11/2018. Transiting NN is on mine too, transiting Mars conj Uranus in 10th check, I have Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Libra in the 8th house too (in fact I have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury there too). Sun trine Pluto Transit. I immediately regressed. Whats the point of guranteeing something and when it goes… Read more ». No! Hahahaha……yep. Sloughing off the skin is a painstaking process but they slither out all shiny, fanged up and with more ferocity. Funny you realised you had Pluto squaring PPs. It is impossible at this time to hide any hidden characteristics. A change is required. (“Talking WW3 Blues”). If Pluto forms difficult aspects with other planets while transiting through this house, your point of view with respect to education, culture, philosophy and religion can border on the fanatical. (I have a feeling that was said by someone famous, in a better way obvs). That’s exactly what it felt (feels) like for me. Transit Venus Trine Pluto. Which will also suit my Libra rising! - so you’re going to endure transit Pluto in one house for a very long time. Transiting Pluto has been working on my natal Mercury in Capricorn, squaring my natal Pluto in Libra, and squaring my natal Chiron since 2008. Your ambition to succeed can involve you in political schemes or power struggles. Here really begins the metamorphosis that began when Pluto was transiting your 1st house, especially because what you valued and appreciated about yourself and life no longer serves you, and you can go through a stage of collapse. 1940 1945 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010. Here’s to coming out in the end stronger and more resilient! Pleasant? Poor guy. 2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. Birth Year . The gift of nectar sweet truth. She only contacts me when she wants a favor and often to meet a musician or a person she thinks is… Read more ». When transiting Pluto crosses your Ascendant, you should make a fearless effort to liberate yourself from all traditional thought patterns and become an example for others. Dr. Phil: Chiron trine Pluto; Michael C. Hall (Dexter): Chiron opposite Pluto; Amy Winehouse: Chiron biquintile Pluto; Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. More than any other Plutonian cycle, Pluto transiting your seventh house is a period that means a profound change through or within your relationships. If you have any planets in Capricorn you have or will be affected by way of conjunction, any in Cancer then opposition, in Taurus/Virgo then trine and in Aries/Libra then… Read more », Happy Birthday Neil Young. The last was best, he smoked my Dsc by laying the best burnout going SD on it. I felt like parts of my ego identity were collapsing and dissolving, and I remember saying to my best friend (through snot bubbles and tears) “I feel like I’m dying…” Said to my husband “I don’t know who I am anymore…” I also felt like I became an uglier woman but actually, I was just seeing all parts of myself with clarity for the first time in my life. In the month Pluto went into Capricorn; no less. Your enormous drive now can make you more ambitious. I have a serious side I can’t shake some… Read more ». The ruler of my Libra house (Venus) is natally on my 12th house at 19.12 (it’s currently receiving the opposition of Jupiter in transit but I think this will not be the case on 8-10 October). Not good :/ . Some stories are yours alone. You’ll come… Read more », Got Pluto squaring my natal Pluto in Libra until 2020, all of this rings so true –. I think everyone is not average or put more accurately – much more than one aspect of their life may indicate. I said that”, Actually Bob said that. The effects of this process may be very subtle as it works more on a psychological level, but will be valuable as you approach the age of 60. I’m wondering if it’s a combination of generation shift, organisation pressure of an increasingly multi-task-ey and fragmented routine for creatives, and other stuff that’s underlying the flakey dynamics of your musicians. The effects of this process may be very subtle as it works more on a psychological level, but will be valuable as you approach the age of 60. It is said that a relationship that goes through great problems during this transit and manages to survive will last forever. ... Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Aquarius Astrology. Transit Pluto Trine Pluto Meaning, Transit Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Truths about your underlying drives, needs and patterns of behavior are revealed at this time. Power struggles with parents; you may have been too dependent on them and now you want to separate, but they still insist on treating you like a child. Chiron Transits to Pluto seek to disarm your defenses when it comes to what makes you feel less than strong. With this configuration in the natal chart, one is often encountered with opportunities to address and heal one’s wounds through interaction with Chironic figures (healers, mentors, etc.). 7—Embrace transformation themes. Currently venus. Haha, pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be in mine ;-p. I just couldn’t resist a word / phrase association. It is important to take care of your diet. or she’s not sane. These are interpretations for Pluto transits through the natal houses. Transiting Chiron trine Natal Pluto. But what is it called? The word ‘transit’ means a journey, to be going from one place to another. Collaborating with the Plutonic process makes even difficult changes more desirable but it super-charges beneficial transformations. So, you should not blame the other because, in reality, they are your own subtle and unconscious messages that you are sending yourself so that you can finally recognize and receive love and understanding. Very very happy for you – and I reiterate that you deserve it Totally went into my psyche re my career and now walking away and now in 11th here I am spreading my wings into. The regeneration of the essence of the subconscious is the key to acquire a penetrating perception of its deep functioning. It’s like there was before 2005/6, and after. I found one possibility but it turned out to be a dead end and my patience for such things (read – math) wanes quickly tho 6 is reputed to have similar attributes and I think maybe because it works with the 3 – 6 – 9 thing. My typo (now edited) – fae not far tho they are far from visible mostly. If your first response to the thought prompt about (for example) moving house, breaking up with someone or being alcohol-free is along the lines of “, 5—Do not adopt a victim mentality – even if you. Transit Pluto Trine Pluto The cycle you’re entering will happen to everyone born in your generation in their early 50’s. What makes you say that J? I feel for you. I really like your explanation of the shift from Mutable to Cardinal to Fixed, in time. There was a pothole for a long time. Transiting Pluto trine natal Chiron. Turns out the man i have been trembling over is… wait astro fiends who know my voice well enough, you might laugh…a triple Aries self confessed pagan!!! If you have a planet conjunct Chiron, you must consider energy and emotion at all times when trying to understand that planet – it can’t get away from energetic and emotional sensitivity. Thank you for posting. Transiting Pluto has been working on my natal Mercury in Capricorn, squaring my natal Pluto in Libra, and squaring my natal Chiron since 2008. It's wise to seek one or more healthy obsessions, for all the energy available. No! If Pluto makes difficult aspects, you may have health problems. Looking on the bright side, a transit of Pluto to the Sun is like a crash (remedial) course in the true self. If Pluto makes difficult transits to other planets, it can lead to a power trip. Detrimental habits, attitudes, beliefs and relationships are the types of things that are likely to cause more problems in your life until something happens to force change. I have been having the longest pluto transit over my 15 deg Capricorn midheaven. Projects now demand your full attention and you’re capable of a great amount of hard work. Chiron will make the person more sensitive to the subtle undercurrents around him or her whether that has to do with sexuality, relationship issues, gender parity, and/or autonomy. Pluto Trine Pluto - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Juicy fodder for your 2019 books MM, when are they due? This is the experience of daily communication, daily contacts and conversations. Your optimism and confidence are very high and you have enough physical energy and endurance to push your efforts through to completion. Also happy that some resonates – take what’s useful and discard what isn’t. The 5th house rules love, creativity, and your children, so transit Pluto in the 5th house can show struggles over power and control in love, intimacy issues, getting obsessed with your hobbies and creativity, being overly serious at times and not being able to enjoy yourself, or have difficulties with your children (if you have any). On the very day. There is a huge change in your image and in the way you express yourself. It’s more likely to involve lawyers, bloodwork, insomnia, and a well-salted threshold. Totally relating! Childhood and Shadow stuff today. Perfect just perfect. I kid you not when I say I was born on probation. In astrology, Jupiter is said to have a direct influence over our levels of luck and the kind of opportunities we are drawn to. I mourned for that before person for a long time. Thanks, Mystic! I also have natal Pluto trine Uranus and Saturn trine Pluto. That is what the first half of my reply relates to lol, My phone is glitchy as all get out. Will it be ok that his… Read more », Taking it slow? Keep doing more of the same – you nailed it here , You speak a foreign language most of the times as I am not used to this original way of interpreting astro events but this last post hit me in the right spot. (Crying with laughter here, because i know in Martian time that could mean wait a delicious week or so.) These transits are inside us. @Mystic: can I make a request and ask (actually beg) for a 9 tips for Neptune transits post? Sun, then mercury, then moon. It’s like the great novels. Following each description is a comprehensive rundown of how each Planet is impacted by the transit of every other Planet, based on the sign of the natal planet. Mystic says that’ll be better. Of course Pluto but you are prob used to it being Scorp Asc. It is a confrontation with death without fears, eliminating everything that does not allow us to die in peace. If he didn’t give a shit about you he’d probably just disappear rather than give time to adjust and evaluate. Pluto transiting your tenth house awakens your ambition towards success and self-realization, and also the desire to control and dominate. Transiting Pluto also squared his natal Saturn in Aries and this must have contributed to intense strain and the feeling that the foundations of his life were collapsing. During the Sun trine Pluto aspect, people are more capable of understanding subtleties and discovering secrets, meaning they may get to find the answers they’re seeking in life. enough or intentionally designed to have Pluto transit all my personal’s this life and an outer/node/DC and anticipating Lilith then MC Saturn and Chiron (will I live long enough!) Yeah, when I first read this post a gong went off and I’ve re-read about 8 times. Like the Phoenix, you instinctively know when it’s time. Relate this to the sign that is on your first house at birth, and your Pluto sign at birth. Pluto transits only last 2 years — 2014 and 2015; Pluto square Mercury is 2019-20. Other fantastic books for a Pluto transit include Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and Mary Karr’s The Liars Club. Two of three Octaves. He took me to the ocean today, and forgot to work out my sun sign. The table below gives a rough guide to when you can expect this transit. Read About Current Transits Here! We talked the day before (when I could have sold the extra ticket.) Although they are not being adversely affected by Pluto and Saturn at the moment, I’m having some awkward and hard to fathom health issues at the moment – and seem to constantly get these strange and difficult ailments – which I’m finding difficult to deal with. Resisting this process can cause us to externalize or project these parts of ourselves. Pluto causes him or her to work hard from early childhood to find a field of study which can contain this rare sense of destiny, and once the proper channel is found, this native will become a great teacher or researcher. I remember when this one first hit me. Then in 2nd 100, all 9s except two 18s. God bless you Mystic. The foundations of your belief system, job, marriage or relationship may not be on such firm ground as you think. I honestly thought is trying to fuq with my mind as some power trip/game? Hidden tensions have to be released now, and this transformation will take place in your relationships whether they are intimate or business. Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit. Transiting Pluto Trine the Sun: A surge of personal power, and urge to put the whole self into work and life can be caused by this move. I swear communicating with others recently has been hellish. Emotionally painful existential fuqqery more like. 4 years of that and I’m a completely different woman. This period of profound psychological change, internal regeneration, self-criticism and questioning will last several years. I hope this is me shedding old skin…. As if you’ve been drinking – which should be an apt metaphor as social media has been discovered to be seriously addictive. Libra stellium at 14-17 degrees here, hang in there, there’s lots to process and yes it is raw but keep moving forward through it. I paid for entry to an event for two of us as a birthday present for my friend. 6—Fortify your borders and personal space against potentially dodgy ‘Lower Pluto’ type people. This transit I could feel months before it finally arrived and now I am left with so little to say for the first time which is a pretty tough for a communicative and expressive Sun in Virgo but also Mercury&Mars along with courage of my Leo Asc. When Pluto transits your sixth house, Pluto asks you to work selflessly to serve a noble cause and to develop the ability to endure pain, disappointment, hypersensitivity and personal failures. Trust your instincts regarding the energetic dynamic between you. It’s becoming an extreme problem, it’s rude and wastes my time. Transit Pluto Trine Mars During this period of time, you feel a great surge of physical energy and determination to achieve your goals. Ah, that is a great take on Saturn, and very interesting to me because i suddenly felt this really positive thing about Saturn’s gifts. There can be a new awakening brought on by an intense emotional experience you encounter personally or through another individual’s suffering. First Chiron Sextile. Nonetheless, I know this is forging me for the better, but just having such a hard time having faith that the light at the end of the tunnel will reappear … hoping for grace in any form to getting through this. It’s now opposite my sun and soon Jupiter. Born-wise: Pluto 2nd H. Chiron 8th H. It is an opportunity to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore, and find out who you really are. It was 6 weeks after Pluto went SD, (20th Sept, 2013), exact my Dsc. I’ve been instinctively doing everything on this list. Increasingly more 18s appear and, decreasingly, fewer 9s appear. Working with musicians is difficult enough now try booking them. I’ve had Pluto go over Venus, NN, IC cj Nep, Jup, Saturn. It highlighted a dis ordance between a VRx person and me. Pluto does not tip toe around trying to get your attention for long…. You may not be enjoying the process but believe that you are building up strength, magic, wisdom and momentum, day after day. Epic, 10 – GET THERAPY. Read About Current Transits Here! The trine aspect is likely to bring abundance of some kind in the life areas governed by the two planets involved. In this case, Pluto does not signify death, but there may be a death of someone that deeply affects you. Something similar happened to me years ago. When Pluto transits your fourth house, it is important at this time to stay true to your … grace on July 17, 2017 Good afternoon Jamie, i’m afraid, because nearly december 2017 i will have pluto trine natal sun (9 house) at the same time that pluto square my natal uranus (2 house) . After a lifetime of emotional disarray, it gave me tremendous comfort to see how when the Moon made a 90 degree angle to Saturn in my chart I felt depressed for a few hours. A lot of the change occurring in these few months will be unpleasant because of The struggle to break free of the chrysalis when they wake up is what forces blood into their wings so that they can fly. Your relationship with children (whether yours or other peoples’) is entering a phase in which everything you do with them will have a profound effect on them later. I’ve adopted a darker aesthetic and it feels really good, whereas before I expressed more of my Pisces sun, now I’m into wearing sleek black/navy/leather with no apologies for the lack of color or the sexiness (and my Cap-rising is loving it but it’s Cap with more… Read more ». Chiron transiting Lilith asks the person to open to be more sensitive to and aware of how the energy of Lilith functions in the person’s life. Pluto conjunct north node transit is a period which triggers profound change. Instagram esp is taxing on my emotions, my self-confidence, and my time. Yeah, I can be a bit flakey and torn in a million directions too so I understand when f**k-ups happen. This is so helpful and enlightening! We have new tools at our disposal for dealing with past problems or complications. There may be a new goal or career but more often Pluto sextile Midheaven transit brings promotion or advancement with your career. I wanna throw the thing in the river. Pluto transits to your Chiron ask you face the worst of your childhood wounding and self-esteem issues, challenging you to powerfully step forward and accept all that you feel and have felt throughout your entire life I am totally overlying my own experience on your description here mille.… Read more », Yes, he is self aware. I know it’s not Pluto exactly. The houses are the areas of life this nasty square is pulverizing affecting. Turns out self-actualizing doesn’t involve you in the lotus position with a gerbera in your teeth being mindful. I gotta do some work. Then you will have Saturn doing a forensic follow up of the lesson(s) learnt….or not. It gets pretty hard to ignore our character defects under this vibe, as … T Pluto can last longer if it is afflicting a Progressed planet. Sun on Mercury and Mercury on Sun. And Uran on ya MC opp ya IC cj Nep. Yes – having being fortunate (?) So, only a few more weeks and it's out of the 12th and onto the next lessons and life plan. Next up, Chiron. Pluto square Pluto transit forces you to transform and regenerate. Yes lots of lessons in a DC Pluto transit. Then in 3rd 100, all 9s except for three 18s. 6 years left of Pluto in my 7th. What you must learn to control is yourself. She won’t admit she read the time wrong and went into a tirade at the theatre management screaming until he refunded her money. Shit happens. How come? As Joseph Campbell – Pluto in Gemini trine Ascendant trine Saturn – wrote: 2— Consider Bach Flower Walnut Essence. Oi – and why did you remove Q re planets having nodes? Guess Which Sign Makes The Most Amateur Porn? i have full reign to be what i am and i find myself having no rules, even breaking my self imposed ones, which were getting old and stultifying. I’m going Thorsday. 5—Do not adopt a victim mentality – even if you are battling your way through adversity, hostility or harsh terrain. me too! In my case, they are rather sextiling by transit (7htH pluto and 9th H Chiron). One of the key words for this time is self-sufficiency, since it is about ensuring a new foundation for life, while going with the flow and being open to changes that occur. I feel like I keep shedding and shedding and digging and digging and it keeps going. Pluto finishing a square to my 18 Libra sun on to conjunct my Cap moon @ 23 degrees – feeling I want to hide from the world, but don’t have the luxury of that… feeling isolated, but not fit for human consumption, either….vulnerable, raw and no room for comfort or to breathe. This is a time for … Transits such as Jupiter-Saturn or Chiron-Pluto reflect something "inner", something which is activated in the psychic life of the collective as it unfolds and reaches critical junctures and transformative stages. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that, when you are honest, your adversaries can change their opinion about you. Nine Rules For Thriving Through Pluto Transits. Currently on my Saturn return and it’s as if I could write what you just wrote! 4—Try not to resist change. I always watch the caterpillars, and usually after they have decimated my herbs overnight. This post is like a light beaming into my head. Pluto transits always raise your awareness of Qi and the way others influence it.