iban nl45 abna 0422 6359 28 bic abnanl2a . Effective and ethical management and leadership in a complex international environment; The interaction between economic policy, financial markets and institutions in an international business context; Strategy, corporate social responsibility, ethics and human behaviour, as key aspects of international management; The role culture and incentives play in the behaviour of managers, firms and governments in cross-border interactions; Developing the ability to effectively adapt and operate in any international working environment in many different fields and organisations. FormatOne or two weekly meetings (seminar sessions), two-weekly discussion sessions in small groups, plus presentation sessions at the end of the course.. Assessment method• Presentation of the empirical paper (20%, individual)• Empirical paper (80%, individual). Prior exposure to principles of equity ownership, basic governance and stock markets is also assumed. Study International Business Management or Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Holland (Amsterdam or Utrecht) at one of the best universities of The Netherlands: Tio University of Applied Sciences. Anticipate half-day or full-day sessions. AssessmentNo grade will be given. The course assumes an intermediate knowledge of finance and a basic knowledge of microeconomics and statistics: discounted cash-flows; yields, interest rates, net return, basic knowledge of derivatives (e.g., forward/futures; options) and how to price them, basic accounting, normal and binomial statistical distributions, and basic utility maximization, i.e., Lagrangian functions. Apply now add to favourites. In the Master in International Management you will focus on: The MSc in International Management provides you with: Upon completion of the MSc in International Management you will be thoroughly prepared to work in a global corporate environment in which you manage complex problems such as global marketing and finance, global value chain management, cross cultural management, and foreign market entry strategies. The course aims to teach how to adopt an analytical mindset to understand drivers of corporate profits. With the rise of the platform economy, consumer behaviour shifted. Then the Master’s programme in International Management at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) Alongside these novel business models, new rules, uncertainties, and consumer demands arise. International Business and Management Studies - Hogeschool Utrecht. Is the ability to navigate international market opportunities and manage complex cross-border operations, core to your ambitions and interests? Policy decisions strongly influence societal, economic, and technological macro-trends, which impact competitive dynamics within-industry and across industries. As such, application areas to market segmentation, assessing customer value, pricing, retailing, advertising, social media, and sales forecasting. The grade will be based on the final handed-in written work. This goes along with consumer preferences of foregoing ownership of goods and demands of spontaneous access to services. Netherlands. Today, many firms operate internationally, whether that entails limited regional exporting or extensive sales or supply chain operations in foreign markets. Business Administration. This course provides an overview of the main econometric methods, in which understanding is reached through their application to specific data sets. Strategies to implement under different market conditions in terms of demand (e.g. Please note that access codes are not re-usable meaning that codes from second hand books do not work, as well as access codes from books with a different ISBN number. During the seminars, students will present their group projects- one involves the analysis of a case, the other involves the discussion of the findings of a selected article. Therefore, the course particularly focuses on managing certain types of risks; such as, foreign exchange rate risk, country risk, interest rate risk and commodity risk, in addition to mastering on how to undertake a direct foreign investment (DFI), and how to do capital budgeting for international projects. Then the Master’s programme in International Management at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) You can also download the year schedule International Management (pdf) to get an overview of all courses in this Master's programme. Please note that the names of the courses may change next year. Search for other study documents of International Business and Management Studies at Hogeschool Utrecht. We first explore how companies decide on their mix of debt and equity. Products and services are either provided by private individuals (peer-to-peer) or companies (business-to-consumer) to consumers through digital platforms. Part five onwards zooms in on financing decisions under uncertainty. Master's degree in: International Economics and Business, Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee, full-time): 2020-2021: € 2,143, 2021-2022: € 2,168, Non-EU/EEA students (institutional fee): 2020-2021: € 17,078, 2021-2022: € 17,280. The MSc Management in International Business program uses an international perspective to approach the key concepts and skills of successful management. The program examines the most fundamental concepts in international business including marketing, accounting, business law, and strategic management. • Study International trade that creates many jobs and opportunities for well-educated young professionals • When you complete this business degree, you will also be a specialist in finance. View travel directions for Support Office Utrecht. Please note that access codes are not re-usable meaning that codes from second hand books do not work, as well as access codes from books with a different ISBN number. has a vacancy for a tenure track Assistant Professor in Strategic Management. school Type of Program. The econometric software package Stata is used throughout this course. Similar courses. Finally, the severe challenges to regulation posed by the last financial crisis are discussed. Acknowledging these challenges, the EU adopted in 2009 a strategy for sustainable development which aims at meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Looking for a study programme in the heart of The Netherlands? The course will cover the following topics: Learning objectives The programme International Business at the HU is a truly international and inspiring programme. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Brealey, Myers, Marcus; ISBN: 9789814670944). I believe, that being able to understand and communicate with people from all over the world is a crucial experience to have. Nowadays, business activities in several industries are strongly influenced by regulatory and policymaking activities. At the beginning of the course, all students have the chance to learn the basics of both M&A strategy and valuation; then, from mid-course (starting at week 5), students will follow lectures and seminars pertaining to either of the tracks. Then we will focus on the elements of “financial control systems,” which include: (1) responsibility structures (e.g., cost centres, profit centres), (2) performance measures (e.g., market, financial, and/or nonfinancial measures and their combinations), (3) performance evaluations, which take into consideration performance targets or other benchmarks, and (4) rewards (including performance-dependent compensation). Master International Management in Utrecht University (Utrecht, Netherlands) is part of Management & Organisation. These questions will be answered in this course. Sports Management. International Management 1 jaar Engelstalig Start eind augustus en eind januari Word een allround managementexpert in het internationale speelveld met kennis van alle belangrijke bedrijfsdisciplines, waaronder marketing, management en financiën; aangevuld met vaardigheidstrainingen in consulting en cross-culturele onderhandelingen. MASTER AND MORE: information about your Masters study. Managers need to be attentive to, understand and incorporate policy choices in their strategies and decision making processes in order to maximize profits and have a long term competitive advantage. A co-reader (second supervisor) will be involved in the process specifically to (i) approve the research proposal and set up of the thesis, and (ii) read the final manuscript as approved by the first supervisor, and to determine the thesis grade in consultation with the first supervisor.More detailed instructions will be provided by your master thesis coordinator (BF and FM: Rients Galema; IM: Hein Roelfsema; BDE: Coen Rigtering; EP: Joras Ferwerda; LE: Stephanie Rosenkranz) and on the student website. International Management - Utrecht University - study in Utrecht, The Netherlands • Study International trade that creates many jobs and opportunities for well-educated young professionals • When you complete this business degree, you will also be a specialist in finance. The contents and frequency of the meetings with your supervisor can be diverse, but the typical process foresees in around 7 meetings altogether. International Communication Management The Hague University of Applied Sciences Netherlands, The Hague (Den Haag) International Hospitality and Service Management While this programme is very practically oriented it teaches you to draw on a firm basis in international economics and business theories in order to deliver excellent results for an organisation. International Business and Management (IB&M) offers an academic and analytical approach to solving real-world problems in international management. The Master's programme in International Management at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) Similar courses. This International Business Management (IBM) bachelor programme has been accredited by the NVAO and educate students in three or four years for the internationally recognised title of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (ISAT-code: 34144). Internationally active firms need a solid toolkit to analyse the context in which they operate. Students will also learn about the growing role of impact evaluations in policy discussions around global challenges and the institutional challenges to affect policy in practice. Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study notes available for International Marketing Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht HU ( ) Studies, courses, subjects, and textbooks for your search: This part includes a self-evaluation, analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses, and a plan for self-development. Please note: this course is still under construction, so the content description may change to some extent. FormatThere will be lectures, seminars, and final presentations. And, economists are increasingly using field experiments to test what works and why in real-life settings, often working directly with policy makers. In this course, economic theory meets practice around key challenges facing the globe today, with a focus on global poverty, skills, entrepreneurship, peace & recovery, and climate change, and a focus on lower and middle income countries. We apply these theoretical foundations through analytical tools to diagnose economies and develop policies for improving their entrepreneurship and innovation-related outputs and outcomes (evidence-based policy making). Assessment methodAn individual exam. By studying International Business Management at Tio, you will… • Get an accelerated program: complete a bachelor’s degree in just 3 years. We will begin by discussing what it means to have an organisation be “in control,” what alternatives managers have for ensuring good control, and how managers should choose from among control system alternatives. This site uses cookies. With a growing emphasis on evidence-based policy making, an ever increasing number of behaviourally informed interventions gets tested in the field. And, how are economists using field experiments, often in collaboration with scientists from other fields, to test policy and program effectiveness in practice, and to shed further light on the underlying mechanisms? At the end of the course the student is able to: The course includes a series of lectures in which the above arguments will be discussed. The thesis must be written individually.The writing of the thesis may be combined with an ‘internship’ (external research) that students can find themselves, pending upon approval by their thesis supervisor. is a highly international, multidisciplinary management programme that pays attention not just to business issues, but to corporate social responsibility, ethics and human behaviour as well. Finally, we discuss dividend policy decisions. As such, this course focuses on why mergers take place – even while at other times they seem to be totally irrational –, how they can be managed, and what role regulation can play in this form of market restructuring. In each of the periods 1, 2 and 3 one day will be dedicated to the course, usually on Fridays. If performance is defined in accounting terms, these structures are composed of configurations of cost centres, revenue centres, profit centres, and investment centres. It covers the regulation of banking and financial markets activities, and how this is applied in practice. The programme International Business at the HU is a truly international and inspiring programme. iban nl45 abna 0422 6359 28 bic abnanl2a The starting point of the course is the linear regression model applied to cross section data and that will be reviewed intensively. Workshops will be given by professional trainers. Therefore, there is not much (a few, if necessary) formal, traditional style of lecture about theories and rules. Career Officer The two aspects of the course combine in the course assignment, for which groups of students are expected to design a behaviourally informed policy intervention as well as a field experiment to test its effectiveness. Based on Utrecht University’s research expertise, this multidisciplinary Master gives you a deep theoretical understanding of the complex interactions at play in international business. Depending on the situation with regard to Covid-19 (lockdown) workshops may be given online, and require more self-study.More details will be shared in the course manual that will be posted on Blackboard in advance of the course. It provides a multidisciplinary perspective on multinational business activity and managing across borders. Based on Utrecht University’s research expertise, this multidisciplinary Master’s gives you a deep theoretical understanding of the complex interactions at play in international business. Vacancies and jobs in Research / Academic in English for expats in Utrecht. Because of this, the course brings together many different disciplines within economics and business that are essential to fully understand, analyze, and manage takeovers. Address: Adam Smith Hall (International Campus Utrecht), Kriekenpitplein 21-22, 3584 EC Utrecht, the Netherlands Click here for more information about the Board of Examiners. In case online access is required for this course and you are not in the position to buy the access code, you are advised to contact the course coordinator for an alternative solution. is a highly international, multidisciplinary management programme that pays attention not just to business issues, but to corporate social responsibility, ethics and human behaviour as well. monetary incentives, are costly and not always effective. In this course we combine microeconomics (bottom-up theories of individuals, firms and markets) with macroeconomics (looking at the economy from the top down), to learn how innovation and entrepreneurship emerge and how they are enabled and constrained by top down policies and other systemic and framework conditions such as leadership, talent, knowledge, finance, culture, infrastructure or demand. Global strategies of multinational companies including international organisational issues and entry strategies, exporting strategies, and cross border cooperation and investment; Global operations including supply chain management, multinational finance and international human resource management, subsidiary entrepreneurship and leadership. Do you recognise yourself in the following description? This site uses cookies. Candidates with a profile Strategic Management, International Business, Innovation Management, Market Dynamics or Organizational Economics are invited to apply. The course follows a two-fold structure: During the lectures we will study and discuss main behavioural theories and concepts. is for you. Accordingly, traditional approaches to analyse competitive environments, strategies, and business models merit re-design or adaptation. Study MSc in International Management in Utrecht University,Netherlands. Additional effort is required in the case your financial knowledge is limited. Find Business Administration study guides, notes, assignments, and much more. Increasingly, economists are engaging in multidisciplinary collaborations and integrating insights from other disciplines to inform research and offer policy advice. Law & Economics students should be able to take the course with some extra effort. Orientation programme. Below you will find the courses of the Master's programme International Management. This means you will also feel right at home in the finance and online world after completing this bachelor programme. the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for a professional career in international management; a broad training in international economics and management; a deep understanding of the interaction between policy actions and firm decisions from an international business perspective; a clear understanding of the role institutions, culture and incentives play in the behaviour of economic agents and policy makers; excellent analytical, social and communication skills; a sustainable vision of management and leadership in which all stakeholders’ needs are recognised and taken into account; a qualification that is highly sought-after in today’s globalised world of business and management. Throughout the course additional materials (for example: excel files or accounting examples) will be made available to help with the valuation assignment. Damodaran, A., (2010); The Little Book of Valuation; NYU Sterns School of Business, DePampilis, D. Mergers and Acquisitions Basics ISBN: 9780123749482) [only for students in the Strategy track], Damodaran, A. Damodaran on valuation: security analysis for investment and corporate finance (2nd edition) (ISBN: 9780471751212) [only for students in the Finance track], Understand relevant concepts, theories, and models to deal with common, practical business development and marketing problems.Â, Can apply and synthesize a number of models and metricsto solve problems in business development and marketing.Â, Can evaluate and work with typical software packages available to conduct data analysis for managerial decisions regarding pricing, retailing, advertising, new product development, and digital marketing.Â. In MCS-related courses the value of lecturing has some sharp limitations because facts, rules, and techniques are a relatively minor part of what budding managers and functional specialists must learn. Introduction The programme for this four-year bachelor's programme is diverse. FormatLectures and Seminars (review sessions). We analyse differences between cost of capital at the company level, divisional level and project level. Course contentsThe course includes two components. FormatLectures and tutorials with active participation discussing exercises and problem sets, with team assignments. Assessment method• Research proposal (10% of final grade). This course is the case-oriented classes. It will give the student the student the abilities to measure and manage risks in business activities such as trade receivables, borrowing and production supply costs. Part three examines the interaction between investment and financing decisions and added value of the APV-model compared to the standard NPV model. This course studies the behaviour of multinational firms from a multidisciplinary economics and business perspective. FormatLectures and active class discussions based on lectures and assigned readings, including student presentations. is for you. It also provides a solid background for analysing international strategy and organisation including supply chain management and international human resource management. https://goo.gl/OGYJsM - Check the study International Business http://Ib.internationalhu.com for more information. PrerequisitesSufficient pre-knowledge in "probability and statistics", "basic investment and finance", "mathematics" and programming are required.Indication of the required level: 1- Probability and Statistics for Finance, by Svetlozar T. Rachev; 2- Investments Global Edition, by Bodie, Kane, and Marcus. on demand. In the context of big data, common issues in these fields will be introduced. In this course we will study the challenges and opportunities for using behavioural insights in policy making. We start off with consumption based asset pricing where we develop the concepts of stochastic discount factors/ marginal rate of substitution, no arbitrage, and risk sharing in contingent claim markets. Bachelor in Communication - International Communication Management Contact School. A more specific guideline on the most important concepts and reading suggestions will be published on blackboard at the beginning of the course. “But sustainable development will not be brought about by policies only: it must also be taken up by society at large.” (EU, 2009) This, however, requires profound changes in thinking and behaviour, in consumption and production patterns, and in economic and social structures. (3) What is the purpose of a literature review and how to make a good one? The first track analyzes the M&A process from a strategy perspective looking at the determinants and implications of different strategic decisions throughout the merger process (Strategy track), whereas the second track delves into valuation techniques that enable the acquirer to correctly determine the offer price in an acquisition (Finance track). The number of acquisitions made by firms worldwide has skyrocketed over the last 20 years: in 2017 alone, companies have spent US$ 3.7 trillion in acquisitions. Develop and hand a goal-setting exercise – which will be graded ‘pass’ or ‘fail’, download the year schedule International Management. We wish you a great start! is for you. The course in Empirical Economics is a methodological and supportive course that prepares students for doing empirical research. Sign up for our international newsletter! Watch the video of the International Management Programme. Summaries of Marketing. (6) How do companies collect and analyse qualitative information on consumer tastes? This course offers relevant insights into the characteristics of the platform economy to provide guidance in this novel field. While building on established managerial concepts, it teaches novel approaches and adaptations in the context of management and marketing to establish and manage business models, address consumers, and create value. Simultaneously, the flexibility of contributing idling workforce or goods to this ecosystem, on one hand, leads to unprecedented opportunities for companies and private individuals to create value but simultaneously opens opportunities for exploitation. It presents the main international regulatory bodies and how they work. RESEARCH EXPERTISE AT UTRECHT Based on Utrecht University ’s research expertise, this multidisciplinary Master’s gives you a deep theoretical understanding of the complex interactions at play in international business. With the increasing relevance of platform businesses, established performance frameworks become obsolete. With training in consulting and cross-cultural negotiation, you will gain all essential management skills for a career in international management. Assessment method In interactive lectures, teamwork and discussions, you are asked to dig deeper into each of those elements. It pays attention to the econometric analysis of cross-section, time-series, and panel data. International Hotel Management Group B.V. Support Office Utrecht Orteliuslaan 1-27 nl - 3528 BA Utrecht t +31 85 487 20 00 info@ihmg.eu. Students are required to choose the track to follow in the first week of the course. In this course both theoretical background and hands-on experience with business process management (BPM) is provided. Three levels are explored in-depth: Assessing the dynamic competitive international business environment including political and legal aspects, international institutional arrangements affecting international business, and cross-cultural issues and barriers; FormatThe course is taught with lectures and tutorials. During the orientation, you will meet the people with whom you will be dealing during your studies and receive all sorts of practical information. Evidence for this exercise will be embodied in a self-reflection report. An MSc in Risk Management provides the foundations to have a career in risk management. Welcome to the Master's programme in International Management. Tio University of Applied Sciences offers 2 unique private bachelor programme in hospitality: International Tourism Management and Hotel and Event Management. (2) What is the structure of a scientific paper and, consequently, of a thesis? This degree allows students to use the internationally recognised title of Bachelor of Arts (BA). Utrecht University Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is an esteemed international research university, consistently positioned in the top 15 in continental Europe and the worldwide top 100 of international rankings, and member of the renowned League of European Research Universities. Temporary. Candidates with a profile Strategic Management, International Business, Innovation Management, Market Dynamics or Organizational Economics are invited to apply. Management Assistent Utrecht at ABN AMRO International Services B.V. Search results for "management assistent utrecht". IMF Academy is part of International Management Forum (IMF), an independent publisher and training organisation focusing on business information for higher-educated managers and decision makers in large and middle-sized organisations. Assignments (20%). Assessment method. Format• Lectures, tutorials• Lectures focus on the discussion of main behavioural theories.• Tutorials cover major aspects of experiment design, analysis, and interpretation. In the next weeks estimation methods of time series and forecasting, panel data, instrumental variables, and limited dependent variables model will be discussed. This short course zooms in on strategies relating to corporate and personal values, identity and responsible behaviour. (5) How is a case study based on qualitative information designed and implemented? Employers often seek candidates who possess a broad set of professional skills; these include writing and presentation skills as well as intercultural knowledge and understandings that are necessary to gain employment and to be successful in a job. Here are the best resources to pass Business Administration at Hogeschool Utrecht. The tutorials make intensive use of case studies in order to apply the theoretical concepts in the lectures. Utrecht is famous for the presence of rich culture and prevailing Dutch traditions. The major challenge that managers of MNCs encounter is the different types of risks that MNCs face due to doing business in dynamic international environments. These theories are placed in the context of their practical implications by using recent and relevant empirical studies so that students are equipped to use the theoretical framework for managerial decision making. is for you. Research Expertise at Utrecht Based on Utrecht University’s research expertise, this multidisciplinary Master’s gives you a deep theoretical understanding of the complex interactions at play in international business. Students from any other master program are not encouraged to attend, unless they have taken at least two prior finance courses during their bachelor and/or master programs. For their master thesis, students independently conduct academic research to contribute to the progress of science, and (preferably) to also make a practical impact by developing new insights/useful knowledge. To obtain practical knowledge to develop solutions to these issues, statistical methods, models, metrics, and different computer software packages are applied to inform managerial decision-making. 81% Determined at the end of period 3• Thesis and the presentation (90% of final grade). Separate or spare codes are usually not available. We discuss how to recognise real option characteristics in projects. In doing so, the course tries to answer questions such as: (1) What makes a research question interesting?